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Digital Health Canada certificates distill a large amount of learning into a condensed format that makes it easy for the busy professional to learn a relevant industry hot topic in about three hours. 

Learn at your own pace in the Learning Management System (LMS) where you can log in and listen to podcasts at your desk or on the go. The Digital Health Canada LMS offers automated assessments when you are ready for them and you can download proof of completion to add to your professional profile or resume. Certificates are a lighter lift than a full credential, with no maintenance or renewals required. Ideal for digital health participants including analysts, emerging professionals, new Canadians, digital health entrepreneurs, or healthcare delivery professionals who are interested in understanding or managing Virtual Care or EI; who want to hear examples of Virtual Care or EI in practice; who interested in professional development or planning a career change.

Virtual Care Certificate
The rapid expansion of virtual care services is top-of-mind for anyone involved in Canadian health, healthcare delivery or health IT support. Get up to speed on this critical topic quickly with the Digital Health Canada Virtual Care Certificate.

This offering is ideal for anyone interested in understanding virtual care, including clinicians and other providers; technology and data management professionals; new Canadians seeking a better understanding of Canadian healthcare; health delivery organization and government employees; patients and patient partners. Learn about:

  • Scope and definition of virtual care
  • Pros and cons of different care delivery methods
  • Considerations when planning or scaling virtual care delivery
  • Patient and provider perspectives
  • Privacy concerns
  • Virtual care applications and variations across jurisdictions
  • Real world examples of virtual care in different healthcare settings

$75 for members. $150 non-members (Not yet a member? Join Digital Health Canada today for registration discounts and other benefits)

Enterprise Innovation Certificate

In the rapidly evolving field of healthcare delivery, organizations are faced with challenges as they navigate using traditional enterprise models for innovation solutions paired with clinical innovations. The payoffs for coupling enterprise and clinical innovation to create a solution that makes a scalable and lasting impact are great, as technology has become an increasingly important component of healthcare delivery, one that can improve patient care and outcomes.

Organizations are now shifting away from traditional definitions and models for recognizing and advancing innovation within their own enterprise and starting to tackle the concept of enterprise innovation on multiple levels. New missions, goals, and barriers exist within organizations today, and, with innovation no longer being limited to individual entities, an opportunity exists to create and maintain varying partnerships of like-minded people. This curriculum will:

  • Define what innovation encompasses
  • Present the current Canadian landscape for enterprise innovation
  • Identify the factors that promote successful innovation
  • Identify the barriers that impede enterprise innovation.
  • Provide examples and research that supports new concepts within the field of enterprise innovation in healthcare
  • Elaborate on a framework for the factors that promote successful enterprise innovation within an organization

$75 for members. $150 non-members (Not yet a member? Join Digital Health Canada today for registration discounts and other benefits)



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